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New Feature Interview with Mette Th13teen!

I can't even tell you how long we've been meaning to do this feature on super cool photographer and model Mette Th13teen. We love her attitude and her work. She really brings the right perspective to what really should be a creative, sexy, and fun genre, and we always enjoy seeing her work, both in front of and behind the camera.

Check out the full interview here:


AltPorn: AltPorn Genre History Timeline

Here is the AltPorn History Timeline. AltPorn.net has isolated the domain registration dates as the logical earliest starting point for sites, as well as the Archive.org records as the latest third party documented historical record, in order to best establish a range within which sites could have logically launched. Then we contacted site owners and operators to nail down official dates within that range. This is the most complete and most accurate AltPorn genre historical timeline available and we hope you find it as interesting and even entertaining as we do. We thank those of you who responded to our initial post, which had been limited to Archive.org information alone. The feedback helped ensure nothing has been left out.

AltPorn Genre History Timeline
* Archive.org info for paid membership sites reflects the first available record of the existance of the join page and/or actual members area navigation. This reflects a sites actual ability to serve memberships to the public.
** In cases of no reply from site staff, owners, or operators, the launch date refelects the earliest record of a join page and/or actual members area navigation on Archive.org

Altporn ‘A’ List Alexa: May 1, 2007

Not a great deal of change this month in our altporn ‘A’ list alexa study. GodsGirls jockeys with BrokenDollz, and SuperCult jumps up a couple spots in a single bound. Not too much action to report.

Altporn A-List Alexa

AltPorn: AltPorn Genre History Timeline

We at AltPorn.net have recently done a lot of research using reputable sources including Archive.org, as well as other verifiable documentation, to collect for you the definitive timeline and history of the AltPorn genre. This timeline goes back a bit farther than the actual descriptive term AltPorn, but that label was coined to describe an existing and/or developing genre, so this just makes sense.

We’re starting this new project in the name of accuracy. Too many articles have been published with incorrect information regarding site launch dates and such. as a matter of fact, if I see one more article claiming SuicideGirls was first and everybody else copied them, I’m going postal. It probably shouldn’t matter much who started first, so long as they are doing a good project right now, but since it does seem to matter enough for people to write about it, we feel like they should have the most correct information available.

Much like our Alexa ‘A’ List charts, this is a bit of a work in progress. There may be a few sites missing and given the nature of the Archive.org site crawling spiders, the dates could be up to one or two months off, but we feel this is pretty complete. We welcome any site owners who would like to give more refined documented information. We are also interested in suggestions from our readers about sites we may have overlooked. Just email us at info@altporn.net.

On a side note, there was no Archive.org information available for the launch dates of CharmClub.net, GodsGirls.com, Rascallettes.com, or PerverseFixation.com.

Altporn ‘A’ List Alexa: April 1, 2007

Things are shaking up a bit on the old AltPorn ‘A’ List tracking chart. Big changes this month include DeviantNation making a big jump up to position three, even narrowly edging out Blue Blood’s GothicSluts, which had been solidly locked in position three for as long as we can remember. BlueBlood’s central site seems to have slipped below BurningAngel. BrokenDollz is continuing their vault up the charts, gaining three positions again this month. Other interesting things of note, CityKittie seems to have been down for at least the last few days, and SpicePlay has temporarily closed for server and software upgrades. They are offering their members access to EroticBPM in the meantime.


Altporn ‘A’ List Alexa: March 1, 2007

Well, here is the March installment of our regular AltPorn ‘A’ List Alexa Rankings study.

Altporn A List


Hello LJ

We've had an option to post our AltPorn.net Blog Feeds to LiveJournal for a while, and now we have a regular account as well.

Altporn ‘A’ List Alexa: Feb 01, 2007

Well, here is the February installment of our regular AltPorn ‘A’ List Alexa Rankings study. Looks like our big winners this month are RazorDolls, moving up three spots this month, and BrokenDollz, moving up a whopping eight spots! So, I guess it’s a good month to be a doll site.

AltPorn A List Alexa


Altporn ‘A’ List Alexa: Jan 01, 2007

New Years day seemed like a fine enough time to publish our first follow up to the Altporn ‘A’ List Alexa Rankings article from early December 2006. We decided to remove the Google PR, since it’s not particularly germane to this study, and we’ve replaced it with a column illustrating the positional change since the last measure. 0 obviously means no change in position, positive integers indicate a rise in positional ranking as compared to other sites in the ‘A’ list, and negative integers would indicate a loss in positional rank. Again, we’d like to acknowledge that Alexa ranking is not to be taken as the purest measure, but it is one of the best measures we have available to get an idea of site popularity. This is particularly true when it comes to measuring a particular genre of sites, as their viewing demographics are likely to be somewhat similar.
If you would like more information about Alexa rankings, we recommend that you also see the original Altporn ‘A’ List Alexa Rankings article for a slightly more in depth description.
Altporn A List January 01 2007


Altporn ‘A’ List Alexa Rankings

On the whole, there are some really cool and interesting sites in the altporn genre and I think we’d all agree that there is also a great deal of hype swirling around it as well these days. So, Altporn.net is allowing me to embark on a series of articles regarding actual hard statistics, in an effort to make things a bit more clear to the people interested in having a better understanding of the reality.

This chart of Alexa ranking measurements for the top sites in the genre is designed to illustrate the relative popularity of the various core altporn membership driven sites. Alexa ranking, although not perfect, is one of the best available measures of site popularity across the entire internet. Alexa is not always precise, but it’s a pretty good ballpark measure. It’s a little tricky for those unfamilliar with it’s structure, but the explaination is really pretty easy to understand. Every site on the internet is essentially ranked in order from very most visited to very least visited, and the numbers start at one for most visited. Thus, the number one most visited site on the internet according to Alexa has an Alexa rank of 1. Currently Yahoo has an Alexa rank of 1, Microsoft MSN has a rank of 2, Google has a rank of 3, MySpace has a rank of 5, YouTube has a rank of 7… you probably get the picture.

So, without further more complicated discussion of Alexa data collection, here are the actual traffic rankings, or relative popularity, of the core sites in the genre.

Altporn A List Alexa

If there are sites that you, as readers, feel should have been included, or should not have been included, in this altporn membership site ranking chart, let us know your suggestions.