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Altporn ‘A’ List Alexa Rankings

On the whole, there are some really cool and interesting sites in the altporn genre and I think we’d all agree that there is also a great deal of hype swirling around it as well these days. So, Altporn.net is allowing me to embark on a series of articles regarding actual hard statistics, in an effort to make things a bit more clear to the people interested in having a better understanding of the reality.

This chart of Alexa ranking measurements for the top sites in the genre is designed to illustrate the relative popularity of the various core altporn membership driven sites. Alexa ranking, although not perfect, is one of the best available measures of site popularity across the entire internet. Alexa is not always precise, but it’s a pretty good ballpark measure. It’s a little tricky for those unfamilliar with it’s structure, but the explaination is really pretty easy to understand. Every site on the internet is essentially ranked in order from very most visited to very least visited, and the numbers start at one for most visited. Thus, the number one most visited site on the internet according to Alexa has an Alexa rank of 1. Currently Yahoo has an Alexa rank of 1, Microsoft MSN has a rank of 2, Google has a rank of 3, MySpace has a rank of 5, YouTube has a rank of 7… you probably get the picture.

So, without further more complicated discussion of Alexa data collection, here are the actual traffic rankings, or relative popularity, of the core sites in the genre.

Altporn A List Alexa

If there are sites that you, as readers, feel should have been included, or should not have been included, in this altporn membership site ranking chart, let us know your suggestions.